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"..for the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy." Revelation 19:10 (KJV)




Welcome to Prophecy Today (Australia)

This site is an attempt, through limited human understanding, to interpret our times and events through the Scriptures, The Holy Bible. Any contributors to this site do not claim to be "prophets", we come to the conclusions we do through analysing and researching current and historical world events and based on the old premise of "history repeating itself" we draw conclusions. This is not to say that our Holy God and Heavenly Father (Bless His Name) cannot speak through any of us (meaning you folk as well) by the power of His Holy Spirit regarding future events. This, though, is not something to be taken lightly or toyed with.

The first step to recieving anything from the Living God is the salvation of your soul. This involves repenting of sin, believing that Jesus Christ is God's Son who was sacrificed on a cross for you, personally, to reconcile you to the Living God and to live forever in His Kingdom, with King Jesus Christ as the ONLY true and just Sovereign that HAS and WILL ever be!! (Luke 4:43)

If you do take the time to explore this site and do your own research, you may find a reason for history having a pattern. From our perspective, it is due to mankinds' propensity, generation after generation, towards sin and as a consequence defaulting control to the author of sin 'lucifer' (we refuse to give it's name a capital letter), who is the enemy of Jesus Christ, God's Son.

If you need help understanding how better to commit yourself to or follow Jesus, or what it means to be His disciple please contact us. The clip below may also help. Please understand, though, that being saved is not contingent upon joining our 'church' and this site is not part of any organised 'church'. We believe the real Church is made of 'Living Stones' (1 Peter 2:5) and is invisible. 

16/8/11Footnote; Prophecy Today (Australia) is currently doing some tidying up of this website such as archiving old articles to make the site more user friendly, thank you for  your patience as we do this and apologies for the site being a little clumsy at the moment. All archived  articles will be listed and linked for access.


A scene from "The Cross and the Switchblade" (please note that Prophecy Today (Australia) is not a ministry of Teen Challenge)

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