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Paul Joseph Watson on "Paedophile Rings"
Posted 29/8/18

Courtesy Paul Joseph Watson.

Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Borat) Shoots Himself in Foot at Gun Shop
Posted 23/7/18

In his new "comedy" series on Showtime called Who is America. Cohen makes a savage attempt to demonize American people. Cohen uses extremely racist means and stereotypes to call out Americans as racists. The irony being that Cohen is himself the racist, demeaning many cultures and races by attempting to mimic accents and disgiuse himself. 

In the gun shop debacle, he was impersonating an idiotic Hungarian, however, he has demeaned many peoples and races over his sordid, hineous "career"... Racism to expose racsim is unjustifiable and offensive, but to the likes of Cohen and his, oh so intelligent and clever, liberal brethren, "the end justifies the means."

Sarah Palin also could smell a Bo-RAT when he attempted make her look like an idiot, disrespectfully posing as US veteran.

The Ugly Face of the New World Order

Posted 2/7/18

George Soros is the "tip of the spear" in the international geo-political promellgation of global, centralised, unelected government, aka the New World Order. He has enormous influence over the liberal/left/socialist agenda to subotage and demolish any remnant of Christendom worldwide. At the age of nearly 88, he now realises that he is about to meet his Maker who, usually, reserves a special place in Hades for such as Soros. In his frenetic panic he is pulling out all stops through his expansive "business" organs to create chaos and mayhem, as his pernicious, malevolent but cherished visions of the New World Order are disintergrating before his very eyes. 

Soros is the sort of guy who does not realise that he can not outsmart the Divine Order, no matter how much money and resources are thrown against it. He does not understand divine retribution, whether executed in the temporal or in the Heavenly realms. The Living God will not tolerate baby killing factories, marraige destroying programs/activities, mass human sex trafficking and slave trading, the ruthless and synical endeavours to divide peoples and races and endless wars... these things are overtly evil. If these activities are building the glorious New World Order, we must understand that the end result will not benefit the vast majority of the global population.


Soros, self admittedly, collaborated with Nazis in Hungary during their occupation in WW2. He was completely unrepentent or remorseful of these activities, in fact, he was almost aroused, during a TV interview (above), when describing his fond, character-building memories, as his fellow Hungarian Jews were dispossessed of their properties and possessions during this period. It almost appeared that he saw his cause as noble. But this is how unhinged megolomanic, globalist, atheistic, ammoral individulals think. Everything is inverted to them. Had Soros gone on TV and testified that he assisted hundreds of his kin to flee Hungary and escape the clutches of the Nazis.. his nobility would be self evident to the moral mind. Even if he had expressed earnest remorse, at the least, this may have ellicited empathy for him. No all we heard is arrogant belligerence. We must judge a tree by it's fruits.

George Soros is on the wrong side of history and eternity and nothing, apart from a miracle will save his shrivlled soul. All he can hope for is a Saul of Tarsus encounter, which proved that nothing is impossible for a Merciful Heavenly Father, even when dealing with the Soros type.

A Former US President on the New World Order

Posted 6/6/18

Feminism Was Created by the US Communist Party

February 12, 2018


For newbies,
 I am reposting this key article, a review of Kate Wiegand's Red Feminism: Communism and the Making of Women's Liberation (2002) as a reminder that the  transformation of society in our lifetime was quite literally Communist-inspired. Communism, in turn, was a creation of the Masonic Jewish world banking cartel that controls all other corporate cartels and seeks to impose its satanic tyranny on mankind. The essence of Communism (Cabalism, Freemasonry) is that humans do not have a soul and there is no God (moral order or spiritual purpose in creation.) The Cabalist makes himself God and inverts reality so his material interests and perversions are paramount.   Thus he inducts us into a satanic cult.  

There is nothing that feminists said or did in the 1960's-1980's that wasn't prefigured in the Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA) of the 1940's and 1950's. While the CPUSA took their orders from Moscow, Feminism was repressed in the USSR. The Soviets understood its subversive character. 

By Henry Makow Ph.D. 

"Rape is an expression of ... male supremacy ... the age-old economic, political and cultural exploitation of women by men."

Does this sound like a modern radical feminist? Guess again. It is from an American Communist Party pamphlet from 1948 entitled "Woman Against Myth" by Mary Inman.


In a 2002 book, Red Feminism: American Communism and the Making of Women's Liberation, feminist historian Kate Weigand states: "ideas, activists and traditions that emanated from the Communist movement of the forties and fifties continued to shape the direction of the new women's movement of the 1960s and later."(154)

In fact, Weigand, a lecturer at Smith College, shows that modern feminism is a direct outgrowth of American Communism. There is nothing that feminists said or did in the 1960's-1980's that wasn't prefigured in the CPUSA of the 1940's and 1950's. Many second-wave feminist leaders were "red diaper babies," the children of Communist Jews.

Communists pioneered the political and cultural analysis of woman's oppression. They originated "women's studies," and advocated public daycare, birth control, abortion and even children's rights. They forged key feminist concepts such as "the personal is the political" and techniques such as "consciousness raising."

In the late 1940's, CPUSA leaders realized that the labor movement was becoming increasingly hostile to Communism. They began to focus on women and African Americans. They hoped "male supremacy" would "bring more women into the organization and into the fight against the domestic policies of the Cold War." (80)

Communist women who made up 40% of the party wanted more freedom to attend party meetings. After the publication of "Women Against Myth" in 1948, the CPUSA initiated a process of "re-educating" men that we recognize only too well today.


For example, in the party newspaper "The Daily Worker" a photo caption of a man with a young child read, "Families are stronger and happier if the father knows how to fix the cereal, tie the bibs and take care of the youngsters." (127)

The Party ordered men who didn't take the woman question seriously to complete "control tasks involving study on the woman question." In 1954 the Los Angeles branch disciplined men for "hogging discussion at club meetings, bypassing women comrades in leadership and making sex jokes degrading to women." (94)

A film Salt of the Earth, which critic Pauline Kael called "Communist propaganda", portrayed women taking a decisive role in their husbands' labor strike. "Against her husband's wishes, Esperanza became a leader in the strike and for the first time forged a role for herself outside of her household... [her] political successes persuaded Ramon to accept a new model of family life." (132) Portrayals of strong assertive successful women became as common in the Communist press and schools, as they are in the mass media today. 

Communist women formalized a sophisticated Marxist analysis of the "woman question." The booksIn Women's Defense (1940) by Mary Inman, Century of Struggle (1954) by Eleanor Flexner andThe Unfinished Revolution (1962) by Eve Merriam recorded women's oppression and decried sexism in mass culture and language. For example, Mary Inman argued that "manufactured femininity" and "overemphasis on beauty" keep women in subjection (33).


The founder of modern feminism, Betty Frieden, left, relied on these texts when she wrote The Feminine Mystique (1963). These women all hid the fact that they were long-time Communist activists. In 1960, their daughters had everything they needed, including the example of subterfuge, to start the Women's Liberation Movement.


Feminism's roots in Marxist Communism explain a great deal about this curious but dangerous movement. It explains:

  • Why the " woman's movement" hates femininity and imposes a political-economic concept like "equality" on a personal, biological and mystical relationship. 
  • Why the "women's movement" also embraces "equality" of race and class.goalsofcommunism.jpg

  • Why they want revolution ("transformation") and have a messianic vision of a gender-less utopia. 

  • Why they believe human nature is infinitely malleable and can be shaped by indoctrination and coercion. 

  • Why they engage in endless, mind-numbing theorizing, doctrinal disputes and factionalism. 

  • Why truth for them is a "social construct" defined by whoever has power, and appearances are more important than reality. 

  • Why they reject God, nature and scientific evidence in favor of their political agenda. 

  • Why they refuse to debate, don't believe in free speech, and suppress dissenting views. 

  • Why they behave like a quasi-religious cult, or like the Red Guard. 

It's hard to escape the conclusion that feminism is Communism by another name. Communism is designed to give power to the puppets of central bankers by fostering division and conflict. Divide and Conquer. Having failed to peddle class and race war, Communism promoted gender conflict instead. In each case they fostered a sense of grievance in the target group. Now the traditional feminine role "oppressed" women.

Violence-Against-Women-650x400.jpg(Left, another Communist psy op.) 

The "diversity" and "multicultural" movements represent Communism's attempt to empower and use other minorities, gays and "people of color," to further undermine the majority (European, Christian) culture. Thus, the original CPUSA trio of "race, gender and class" is very much intact but class conflict was never a big seller.

The term "politically correct" originated in the Russian Communist Party in the 1920's. Its usage in America today illustrates the extent society has been subverted. Feminist activists are mostly Communist dupes. The Communist goal is to destroy Western Civilization and establish a veiled dictatorship called "world government" run by the toadies of the central bankers.

We have seen this destruction in the dismantling of the liberal arts curriculum and tradition of free speech and inquiry at our universities. We have seen this virus spread to government, business, the media and the military. This could only happen because the financial elite, in fact, sponsors Communism.

In Communism, the government is the ultimate monopoly. It controls everything, not just wealth but also power and thought. It is the instrument of monopoly capital (i.e. Rothschild, Rockefeller.) Everybody from the President on down works for them.


"Political correctness" has dulled and regimented our cultural life. In 2002, here in Winnipeg, Betty Granger, a conservative school trustee referred to "the Asian invasion" causing house price increases in Vancouver. Granger was pilloried mercilessly in the press. People sent hate letters and dumped garbage on her lawn.


At a meeting, the School Board Chairman acknowledged that Granger is not a racist and Asians have married into her family. Nonetheless, Granger was censured because, I quote, "appearances are more important than reality." This slippage from the mooring of objective truth is the hallmark of Communism.

The atmosphere at the meeting was charged. Mild-mannered Canadians, all champions of "tolerance," behaved like wild dogs eager to rip apart a trapped rabbit. Betty Granger repented and voted in favor of her own censure.

These rituals of denunciation and contrition, typical of Stalinist Russia or Maoist China, are becoming more common in America. They are like show trials designed to frighten people into conforming. We have "diversity officers" and "human rights commissions" and "sensitivity training" to uphold feminist shibboleths. They talk about "discrimination" but they freely discriminate against Christians, white heterosexual men and traditional women. They use the specter of "sexual harassment" to fetter male-female relations and purge their opponents. 



In 1980, three women in Leningrad produced ten typewritten copies of a feminist magazine called Almanac. The KGB shut down the magazine and deported the women to West Germany. In the USSR, feminism has largely been for export. According to Professor Weigand, her "book provides evidence to support the belief that at least some Communists regarded the subversion of the gender system [in America] as an integral part of the larger fight to overturn capitalism."

In conclusion, the feminist pursuit of "equal rights" is a mask for an invidious Communist agenda. The Communist MO has always been deception, infiltration, and subversion using social justice issues as a pretext. Communism can take any form that empowers the puppets of the central bankers. The goal is the destruction of Western civilization and creation of a new world order run by monopoly capital. This has largely been accomplished.

Kate Weigand's Red Feminism demonstrates that we live in a de facto Communist society, a development which took place by subterfuge with the complicity of the Masonic central banker-controlled Establishment.


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The New World Orderlies Would Hate This Video...
Posted 4/9/17

Hating us Comes Naturally to the Genocidal, Murdering, Abortionistic, Totalitarian, "progressive", malevolent NWO Cabal, then they invert everything as though we are the "haters". NO they are the haters of humankind (after all they KILL unborn children) and are doing everything in their power to rip us all apart... the age old "divide and conquer" chestnut.

Our true divinely acquired nature is represented in the actions/behaviours captured in the images of this video. A nature that is foreign to those that are attempting to engineer the global dystopia known as the "New World Order". Where is the "hate" here? The NWO engineers are doing eveything to crush and smother our loving Godly nature and propagate lies about anyone who is not of their odious cohort but we MUST not allow them to do this.

Please share this video.
Coutesy The Alex Jones Channel

The Sad, Ugly, Brutal Truth Behind the 'New World Order'.
Posted 26/4/2017

This interview is a must see. Please be patient with it as it subtitled and runs for approximately 40mins.

Mystery Babylon is active and alive (pardon the oxymoron) and runs the world. Thankfully, King Jesus Christ has other plans.